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Kyokuto Valve has over 60 years experience producing valves and supplying so many types of the valves for various industries. We have been an expert manufacturer of custom-made valves for long years.

 We are engaged in designing and manufacturing various valves for a descaling equipment attached to a rolling mill in steel-making plant, entrance valves for geothermal power generation plant. For others, we are engaged in designing and manufacturing special valves for power generation plant and chemical plant. Technical tie-up with overseas manufacturers, procurement and quality assurance control.


 Analysis of the valves

Advice and guidance on inspection and maintenance

Supply of the major components and parts

Proposal for modification/retrofit

Inspection and test

Repair and refurbishment


 Steel Mill

Spray Valve for Descalling System, ACC Shut-Off Valve, Over-heat Protection Valve, Pressure Control Valve for plunger pump, Y type Check Valve, 3-way Spray Valve, On-off Valve for roll and plate cooling, Flow Control Valve, Change Off Bypass Valve, Y type & T type Strainer, etc. (kinds of units for energy saving)

Geothermal Power

Wellhead Assembly, Through Conduit Valve for Wellhead Ass’y, Mud Valve for drilling, 3-way Changeover Valve, Pneumatic Shut-Off Valve, Main Stop Valve (MSV) for Turbine, Governing Valve, Control Valve, etc.

Gas and Chemical

Large-sized Butterfly Valve, Tilting Butterfly Valve, Pneumatic Parallel Slide Gate Valve, Jacket type Valve, Explosion-proof Automatic Valve, Valve for gas pipe line, Bellows Valve, etc.

ThermalPower and General Purpose

High-Temperature and High-Pressure Valve, Swing Check Valve, Globe Valve, Motor-operated & Pneumatic & Hydraulic Valve, Emergency Discharge Valve for Fire Extinguishing System, Valve for Boiler Water Supply, Main Stop Valve (MSV) for Turbine, etc.

Maintenance and Modification

Provide maintenance/refurbishment and modification service as a solution for reduction of total cost, stable operation of plant, anti-aging, preventive inspection, Resource Utilisation.

Maintenance Work at Site

 Provide reliable maintenance service at site for all kinds of plants.