• Chemical-Processing
    The chemical industry is one of the most globally competitive industries and requires a high degree of service and innovative products. Chesterton's unique combination of technical nowledge, local service and high performance products deliver the expertise required at chemical plants around the world. We assist plants with innovative solutions for this extremely diverse set of applications and equipment. From reliable mechanical seals and chemically resistant ARC® coatings to high performance valve and heat exchanger packings, Chesterton products help plants improve their efficiencies.

  • Food-and-BeverageChesterton meets the demands of food and beverage companies with quick, efficient solutions combined with knowledgeable service. We have a wealth of experience providing the right solution for the application. Whether it is processing meats, grain, dry or brewing, Chesterton has proven products for a wide range of equipment and applications. Our mechanical seals and packings are the standard for reliability at many plants and help meet plant initiatives such as water reduction. Our NSF cleaners, lubricants and maintenance products, provide the security necessary for food and beverage processes. Chesterton ARC? coatings offer the needed protection for floors and metal components. While our engineered polymeric solutions provide high performance rotary and reciprocating sealing solutions for bearings and actuators.
  • General-ManufacturingChesterton has developed targeted solutions to serve the needs of a broad spectrum of industries including Automotive,  Aluminum, Plastics, Tire and Pressboard. Due to the very diverse use of equipment in these varying industries, unique solutions are often required.
  • MarineFrom humble beginnings serving steam ships on the Boston waterfront, Chesterton has grown to become one of the world's largest suppliers of sealing devices for commercial and naval fleets, as well as shipyards. With ever increasing demand on inventory and logistics, Chesterton utilizes its dense interconnected distribution network to offer local supply and service in every major port in the world. This facilitates centralized decision making with inventories readied for ship arrival at ports virtually anywhere in the world. With our simplified, standardized inventory of fluid sealing devices, ship owners and on-board staff can be assured of reduced costs through standardization while streamlining purchasing requirements.
  • Pulp-and-PaperThe pulp and paper industry requires robust, heavy duty products that withstand the tough applications. Chesterton has a tremendous amount of experience with products designed specifically to operate reliably throughout the mill. Our mechanical seal and packings are the standard for the world's largest pulp and paper corporations. Our water reduction programs are delivering dramatic reductions to help assist mills to meet their environmental goals cost effectively. Our ARC®  coatings are protecting equipment from abrasion and corrosion throughout the mill while our engineered polymeric solutions are providing unique solutions for rotary and reciprocating sealing. Our technical products are assisting mills with more efficient, nvironmentally friendly cleaners, high performance lubricants and focused maintenance specialty products.
  • SteelThe steel industry requires heavy duty products to meet the aggressive demands of this industry. Our unique, engineered polymeric seals meet these demands with unsurpassed erformance in tough applications. Our lubricants and greases are specifically formulated to outperform in a variety of difficult applications such as at high temperatures to extend equipment reliability on components including bearings, cables and chains. Chesterton seals and packings are proven performers across the mill and meet the performance and ease-of-use needs of mill maintenance personnel. The ARC® line of coatings offers superior resistance to abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack.
  • WastewaterMaintaining infrastructure is an essential requirement for the wastewater industry. Chesterton's long-lasting products provide the reliable and durable performance demanded by this industry. Our array of ARC® coatings protect concrete and metal surfaces in wastewater from corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack. Our packing, cartridge seals and split seals are providing outstanding solutions across the globe.
  • PharmaceuticalCleanliness and traceability are important requirements for this industry. Chesterton's pharmaceutical ready seals and packings assist the pharmaceutical industry with meeting stringent quality requirements. Our cleaners and lubricants help maintenance groups with specific solutions while meeting stringent NSF requirements. Chesterton high performance ARC® coatings protect metal and concrete surfaces and extend preventative maintenance periods while enhancing anufacturing environments.
  • Mineral-and-Ore-ProcessingProcessing ore requires heavy duty products to withstand the aggressive environment. Chesterton has an enormous wealth of solutions gained by working with the tough demands of processing iron, nickel, aluminum, copper, phosphates and other minerals and ores. Our ARC®  coatings are outperforming most traditional abrasion and corrosion resistant surfaces in the harshest applications. Our packing and mechanical seals are designed to operate reliably with reduced flush water consumption which minimizes process dilution. Bearings life is being extended with durable, engineered polymeric seals (EPS) while being lubricated with Chesterton high performance greases.
  • Commercial-WaterChesterton split seals are revolutionizing the way the commercial water industry looks at pump sealing. Taking pumps apart to replace seals is no longer required and many end-users are taking advantage of this new technology. Our wide array of packings and gaskets allow us to optimize the best sealing solution for your application and equipment. Chesterton NSF certified ARC® potable water coatings provide outstanding protection for expensive plant assets. Our concrete coatings are providing the long-term durability plants need to meet budgets year over year. Our NSF certified lubricants, cleaners and maintenance products provide the extra security for work with potable water equipment. Our local service personnel are available to work with you and give you the information, expertise and training that will produce results
  • Hydrocarbon-ProcessingThe refinery industry continues to build capacity to meet demand while reducing fugitive emissions and production costs. Chesterton products are designed to assist these plants with their goals. The Chesterton valve packing program is meeting "real world" stringent emissions requirements. We are setting the standard for sealing control valves, block valves and motor operated valves with major refiners around the world. Our critical flange sealing solutions provide the stationary equipment solutions to operate leak-free from turnaround to turnaround. Chesterton's innovative mechanical seals are providing unique, reliable solutions on a wide range of equipment and provide excellent alternatives to original equipment seals. Expensive cooling system assets are being protected by Chesterton ARC®  coatings resulting in dramatically reduced maintenance costs and production interruption. This combined with our unique, focused maintenance products for specific applications such as high temperature bolting, and bearing lubrication and protection, is delivering the increases in performance required by these maintenance teams.
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food and Beverage
  • General Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Steel
  • Wastewater
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mineral and Ore Processing
  • Commercial Water
  • Hydrocarbon Processing


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Solving industries' most difficult challenges

You have critical requirements... We have creative solutions !


Provide unique solutions that improve equipment reliability, optimize energy use, and reduce water consumption.


Developing custom products for highly-specialized analytical equipment with focus on accuracy, repeatability , and ease of use.


Creating solutions designed to optimize process reliability, increase equipment up-time, and lower total operating costs through sealing, coatings, and environmental control technoloiges.


Leveraging the latest technologies to seal environmentally sensitive applications and pioneering solutions in emerging markets.


Creating solutions for sealing extreme pressure, temperature, speed, or aggressive media that allow you to meet your performance objectives.


Delivering proven solutions that meet or exceed regulatory, performance, and safety standards.


Formulating materials and designing solutions that maintain product integrity by preventing the introduction of contaminants into your customers' process.

Engineered Mechanical Sealing Solutions

Lower Cost - Improve Reliability - Increase Efficiency

low cost

     Innovative engineered mechanical sealing systems designed to improve rotating equipment reliability and lower the cost of ownership. Specific to the needs of the end user.
     In many industries standard ISO and ANSI mechanical seals just won't meet the rigorous demands of some key processes.
    To help our customers maintain reliability, efficiency and compliance for their most difficult applications Chesterton offers a custom engineered seal and auxiliary system design and manufacturing service. This key service compliments our already comprehensive offering of standard Single, Dual, and Split Mechanical Seals.

Providing Engineered Solutions

Providing Engineered Solutions

- CollaborationChesterton engineers work with you from design concept through product qualification. By fully understanding your application and performance objectives, our new product development cycle reduces your time-to-market.

Driving Integrated Technologies
-  We have a team of experts in varying disciplines including mechanical and polymer sealing, compression packing, advanced composites, and specialty lubricants. Our vast knowledge base and experience enables our engineers to develop unique, integrated solutions that combine the advantage of multiple technologies.

Standards of Excellence
-  Chesterton actively works with engineering firms, industry organizations, and government entities to establish new performance and environmental standards. Combining this activity with our on-site and on-line customized training programs ensures that the latest technological advances are communicated to our clients.

SpeedSeal® Program

     Speed of Service, Industry Leading Materials, Advanced Designs Chesterton is a leader in the polymer seal industry. The SpeedSeal Program brings same day service of this advanced technology to customers worldwide. Strategically located and integrated service centers use innovative manufacturing methods to provide you with a broad selection of proven designs and a wide range of high performance materials. The SpeedSeal Program is supported by a network of highly trained and experienced Field Specialists who offer the best service and applications assistance in the industry.

Plant Productivity Programs

Plant Productivity Programs
Lower Cost - Improve Reliability - Increase Efficiency
Lower Cost - Improve Reliability - Increase Efficiency

Water Reduction Management
- Measures current usage then establishes best practices to maximize reduction.

Standardization and Inventory Management
- Consolidate existing inventory to minimize spares.

Pump Asset Management
- Reduces life cycle costs by improving pump reliability and optimizing energy efficiency.

Fugitive Emissions Management
- Comprehensive approach for total equipment population.

Plant Reliability and Optimization
- Improves operational costs by reducing the need for maintenance.

Erosion/Corrosion Control and Prevention
- Through the application of specialized engineered composite technologies.















Pro​viding Value to Industry Since 1884

​Arthur "A.W." Chesterton launched Chesterton Company, a purveyor of steamboat and engineering supplies, on the Boston, Massachusetts,​ waterfront in 1884. His focus—much as the company operates today—was connecting customers quickly to the product solutions they needed, and this approach was met with success. Before long, the company became a manufacturer as well a distributor.​

​Pump Packing & Gasketing​

In 1895, Chesterton introduced its own line of pump packing and gasketing— ​and the company's focus on industrial sealing solutions was born. Over the next few decades, the organization introduced a number of advanced packing products resistant to high te​mperatures and chemical exposure.

International Expansion

​In 1905, Chesterton evolved to include​ national distribution in the United States and by the 1950s the company was expanding internationally with sales and manufacturing in Mexico and distribution in Asia (Japan).

​​Mechani​​cal Sealing​

The 1960s saw Chesterton venturing into the mechanical seals arena. By the mid-1980s, Chesterton had launched over 8 innovative mechanical sealing solutions, including the first off-the-shelf single cartridge mounted seal and the first commercially viable split mechanical seal, which eliminated shaft wear and hours of costly equipment teardown.​

​Over the decades, Chesterton added industrial lubricants and cleaners to its equipment prot​ection offerings, and started up a hydraulic sealing business that included developing proprietary, high-performance polymer materials.

​Over a Century of Achievements

By 2000, Chesterton employees could look back on a long history of award-winning mechanical seals, pump packings, hydraulic seals, and lubricants, including many Vaaler awards, two seals named "Product of the Year" by Plant Engineering in 1992, the flagship 442™ Split Mechanical Seal, and the first braided graphite tape packing guaranteed to meet the stringent Clean Air Environmental Standard.

​​Solutions & Knowledge​

Chesterton has grown ​from a manufacturer of sealing devices to a comprehensive solutions provider for plant equipment reliability and efficiency, improved plant maintenance, and reduced use of natural resources.

Our extensive experience and knowledge across the energy and process industries​ makes us the go-to company for solving the most difficult sealing and equipment reliability challenges. Chesterton now offers 500 sales/service locations around the world and has over 1,250 employees in 32 countries.

Backed by the same sense of purpose and pride that inspired our founder and Chesterton's rich history, we continue to evolve to provide the transformative solutions and expertise needed to help our customers meet plant operation goals, regulatory challenges, and resource reduction as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.​

-  System One Centrifugal Pumps


Dover is a diversified global manufacturer with annual revenues in excess of $7 billion. We deliver innovative equipment and components, specialty systems and support services through four major operating segments: Energy, Engineered Systems, Fluids, and Refrigeration & Food Equipment. Dover combines global scale with operational agility to lead the markets we serve. Recognized for our entrepreneurial approach for 60 years, our team of over 26,000 employees takes an ownership mindset, collaborating with customers to redefine what’s possible. 



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