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  • Pump Packing

    Pump packing is ideal for the controlled leakage required for certain applications. ​Chesterton offers extensive applications ​expertise in pump packing solutions for rotating equipment—including design, selection, installation, testing, and more.

    Our  innovative and award-winning packing solutions reduce power requirements for the pump and result in less leakage—lowering the total life cycle costs of the pumping system.


  • Mechanical Seals

    Our innovative, award-winning mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, mixers, and other rotating equipment simplify installation, improve reliability, and extend the performance of fluid handling. Companies around the world turn to A.W. Chesterton Company for extensive expertise in mechanicals seals — in design, selection, installation, field service, and more.


  • Rotary Seals

    Advanced Protection

    Rotary seals are designed to extend bearing life and save money by reducing downtime and increasing reliability. Chesterton's rotary seals range from face sealing-type arrangements to advanced lip seal designs.​



  • Gaskets & Joint Seals

    Gaskets prevent leakage of liquids or gases by forming impervious barriers between mating surfaces. From standard sheet gaskets and metal to custom moldable polymer gaskets, Chesterton has you covered.


  • Valve Stem Packing

    Valve stem packing plays a critical role in overall valve performance. Reducing or eliminating process leakage is critical not only to process performance but also to employee safety, regulatory compliance, and profitability.

    Whether  you are dealing with high steam, high pressure, or caustic chemical conditions, you can rely on Chesterton sealing specialists for applications expertise and innovative valve packing products to help your company realize optimal valve performance.



  • Flange Gasket Sealing

    Many factors must be considered when choosing the proper gasket for an application, including safety, temperature, pressure, the media to be sealed, equipment conditions, versatility of the product, and cost. 

    Chesterton offers a complete range of flange gasket sealing solutions that provide highly effective properties and solid reliability. Our experienced staff delivers proven, comprehensive, and often innovative solutions for a broad range of applications—from sealing water to critical high-temperature, high-pressure process conditions.​



    Specialty Equipment

    Chesterton has developed unique engineered solutions to provide reliable sealing of other specialty stationary equipment. Combining the best achievable technologies, we provide dramatic improvements in sealing reliability and safety while reducing operating costs. Our solutions:

    ·         Meet current fugitive emissions and environmental regulations

    ·         Control leakage and product loss while minimizing safety and housekeeping concerns

    ·         Reduce unscheduled downtime on production-critical equipment


  • Related Supporting Products

    ​In addition to sealing reliability, Chesterton also provides support products for packing installation and removal, high-performance lubrication, equipment cleaning and degreasing, and the coating of metal surfaces for protection and cost-effective repairs.


  • Hydraulic Seals

    ​Chesterton's broad range of high-performance hydraulic seals are made from exclusive polymer materials for use in a wide range of demanding industrial sealing applications. These seals have virtually no size restrictions and are specially designed to optimize equipment performance.

    Choose from advanced materials and innovative designs with same-day delivery for most regions​​.


  • Pneumatic Seals

    ​Chesterton offers a broad range of high-performance pneumatic seals made from exclusive polymer materials. These products are designed for use in a wide range of demanding industrial sealing applications. Our pneumatic seals have virtually no size restrictions and are specially engineered to optimize equipment performance.


  • Industrial Lubricants

    Chesterton industrial lubricant solutions are engineered to reduce operational costs by extending equipment life and improving plant efficiency.​​​​ These high-performance industrial greases, oils, pastes, and compounds are designed to provide corrosion protection, deliver energy savings, and reduce lu​bricant usage.​



  • Cleaners & Degreasers​

    Chesterton ​industrial cleaners and degreasers provide a broad range of technologies to cover the most demanding application requirements. These products include water-based acid and alkali, solvent based, and specialty electrical cleaners. These products have been engineered to improve the efficiency, performance, and productivity of the clean​​ing process in both maintenance and production operations.



  • Maintenance Specialties

    Chesterton's family of industrial MRO chemicals are engineered ​to support primary maintenance functions to increase overall plant reliability. These high-performance maintenance technologies:

    ·         Reduce non-value added, repetitive maintenance​

    ·         Protect the environment by lowering the volume of chemicals used​

    ·        Save labor by reducing time for mechanical maintenance operations

    ·        Maintain uptime through increased equipment reliability




  • Corrosion Inhibitors

    Products engineered to provide short- and long-term protection of plant equipment. Available in thin- and thick-film, corrosion-preventing compounds. Selection includes products that provide long-term but removable corrosion protection. These are ideal for parts in shipment and storage.​​​​

    ·         ​Easy to use

    ·         Minimum surface preparation

    ·         Cost-effective protection of critical metal  components 


  • Metalworking Fluids

    Chesterton metalworking fluids are designed to minimize friction in the metal removal process, lowering heat generation and tool wear, while improving productivity and part quality.

    Chesterton produces a range of metal​working fluids for drilling, tapping, and cutting, including products for single use and recirculating applications. There are two types of fluids: petroleum and synthetic water-base​​d fluids. The water-based synthetics offer additional benefits of biodegradability and non-smoking, and are ​inherently safer in use.


  • Application Accessories

    Chesterton offers a range of ​accessory equipment to support the efficient use of our products.

    These include:

    ·         Lubri-Cup™ Automatic Lubricant Dispensers are designed to deliver a precise amount of industrial grease or oil. They eliminate the primary cause of premature bearing failure—over and under greasing.


  • Bearing Housing Seals​

    Chesterton offers unique, performance-engineered bearing isolation seals design to protect pumps, gearboxes, and other rotating equipment in demanding applications.​


  • System One Centrifugal Pumps

    The simplest type of centrifugal pump is the single stage machine that consists fundamentally of a rotating element, called an impeller, and a casing. Liquid is led to the eye or center of the impeller and is set into rotation by the impeller vanes. By virtue of centrifugal force the liquid is thrown from the rim or periphery of the impeller with a considerable velocity and pressure. The casing, which closely surrounds the impeller, has a volute shaped passage of increasing area, which collects the liquid leaving the impeller, and converts a portion of its velocity energy into additional pressure energy. This casing passage leads to the discharge nozzle of the pump where it is forced into the discharge piping.


  • Pump Packing
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